The 2-minute rule explained in 1 minute

FullSizeRenderIn his book Getting Things Done, David Allen proposes the 2-minute rule, which doesn’t only increase productivity, but also drastically decreases stress levels too.

The method begins with capturing stuff (to-do items, projects, ideas etc.) in your inbox (one long list of all of those items) instead of dealing with every single input at the moment it reaches you. On a regular basis, for example once or twice a day, you should clean your inbox by going through the list item-by-item.

The 2-minute rule states that if an item in your inbox takes two minutes or less to complete then it should be done there and then, otherwise it should be deferred to a later date, delegated, or considered whether it’s worth keeping or not.

Items in the inbox should be taken from top to bottom and not in order of priority. The two minute rule ensures that you will get through all the items. Otherwise chances are that you will never get to deal with low priority stuff.

Two minutes is an efficiency cutoff time frame: it takes anything up to two minutes to store, track and start dealing with the item at a later time. You might as well just do it there and then.

The rule can be extended to another inbox too (pun intended). If you’re a heavy email user and apply the two minute rule to going through your mails, you’ll be surprised how well you can keep on top of things. If it takes two minutes or less to reply a message then do it, otherwise file it appropriately, and come back to it again.

Try implementing this one rule, and you will see a big change in your productivity.


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